Nasrallah: Facing Takfirism is defending Islam, dialogue with Future ‘serious’

JANUARY 9, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON)Hezbollah’s Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday maintained that facing the spiraling Takfiri groups was not defending regions, governments, minorities, or political maps, but was tantamount to defending Islam per se.

“It has become clear that these groups are danger to Islam as a religion, as a message, and to the Prophet, his position, and to the Quran,” Nasrallah told a crowd of faithful who gathered this afternoon at al-Mahdi High Scholl in the southern suburb of Beirut, to mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), in a ceremony held by Imdad Philanthropic Association.

He upped calls upon the Islamic nation to close ranks in the face of the terrorist practices as well as to work on isolating and then terminating the terrorist groups.

“When heads are cut off and people are killed for marking the prophet’s birthday, can assailants present themselves as defenders of Islam?” he wondered, considering that the conduct of the Takfiri groups that affiliate themselves to Islam has tampered with the God’s religion and Book.

“The Resistance men who are standing now on a two-thousand-meter height are the real followers of the prophet,” he corroborated.

“The craze today has reached the countries that exported terrorists and gave them visas,” he indicated, noting that the insults lobbed by Takfiris against Islam today are unmatched throughout history.

Turning to Lebanon, Nasrallah said that the dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement, under the auspices of House Speaker Nabih Berri, was serious and advantageous to the country.

“Some sides are trying to dig holes in the dialogue but I can speak of a positivity regarding the outcome. We are realistic and we did not up the ceiling,” he said.

“We do realize that it is hard to reach a comprehensive agreement. We want to agree on what could be agreed on,” he explained.

“Dialogue leave positive effects on the sectarian climate in Lebanon,” he went on to say.

But he noted that some sides did not bear to see Muslims and Christians sitting together to talk, seeking instead a sectarian war, backed by the “stupid” Takfiri groups.

“We did not day that dialogue would solve the strategic issues. Lebanon lives in a region swept by the most violence storms. This is why the ceiling of dialogue with Future Movement was to preserve the country,” he said.

“We do not talk about dialogue with Future as a substitute to dialogue with national dialogue (…) We support any dialogue between any two sides in the country,” he added, underlining that bilateral dialogue might lead to a national comprehensive one.

On the election of a new president of the republic, Nasrallah said that it was up to the Lebanese themselves to complete this due date.

Pertaining to the security situation, Hezbollah Secretary General maintained the security situation was good owing to the accomplishments of the army and security forces.

“The army, security forces, and the resistance have borne the brunt in the face of terrorism,” he reminded.

“I tell our sons in Bekaa and on borders and all the Lebanese people, that in the face of the terrorism danger, the Lebanese are not incapable and weak and they need nobody. We can confront terrorism with our army, people and Resistance.”

Turning to Bahrain, Nasrallah condemned the arrest of oppositionist figure Sheikh Ali Salman, renewing support for the peaceful popular mobilization.