Muslim Scholars Association: For an immediate ceasefire, allowing for solutions

OCTOBER 26, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Muslim Scholars Association in Lebanon called Sunday for a ceasefire in Tripoli, allowing the chance for solutions.

“In wake of the painful events hitting our country from Arsal to Tripoli, and the concern for preserving civil peace and preventing bloodshed, an emergency meeting took place in Beirut, following which a call was sent out urging all parties to an immediate cease-fire, so as to allow room for solutions,” a statement by the Association indicated.

Muslim Scholars also urged “the enthusiastic youth to demonstrate self-restraint and to consider clashing with the Army as an act that serves the country’s enemies who want to drag Lebanon into an axes conflict.”

The Association’s statement went on to consider that “the cause of what is happening is the violation of one Lebanese side of the Baabda Declaration and its involvement in Syrian bloodshed,” adding that “the solution lies in the speedy withdrawal of this group from the war of others.”

The Muslim Scholars also called for “preserving the Army as a sole guarantor of civil peace in Lebanon,” while urging the Army Command, security and judicial institutions to “deal fairly with various cases of arms and outlaws, with no discrimination between one region and the other nor between one sect and another.”

The Association concluded by declaring its decision “to keep its meetings open, so as to remain abreast of events and follow-up on all arising developments.”