Mousawi: Turning Lebanon into Saudi Emirate is rejected

APRIL 12, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Turning Lebanon into a Saudi emirate is virtually rejected by the party, member of the Hizbullah parliamentarian Bloc Nawwaf Mousawi, reiterated during a party gathering in Abbasiyyeh/south Lebanon today.

While we take extra care to spare the country further fallout from the aggression on Yemen, we need to condemn the American-led aggression bent on media befogging of the crimes committed, the deputy added. By miscalculating in Yemen, the Saudi regime squeezed itself onto a suicidal threshold and, what’s actually happening, is tantamount to a major defeat which the regime inflicted on itself Mousawi exclaimed.

While we refuse to have a Saudi High Commissioner acting as ambassador, we maintain that both March 14 and 8 sides express freely their opinion without jeopardizing stability and civil liberties, he went on. Also, warning against what he termed as U.S. efforts to play Amal against God’s party, Mousawi noted with satisfaction army-led anti-terrorist drive culminating in the arrest of the ringleaders.

Iran managed to lift off sanctions without making substantial concessions amid an official Arab condoning of the Saudi-led aggression on the Yemeni people he said.

Mousawi expressed confidence that the Houthis will gain the upper hand in their jihad as his party once succeeded in the face of Israel in 2006.

Netanyahu’s rejection of the deal between America and Iran testifies to Tehran’s unyielding posture as is clearly evidenced in president Obama’s uttering that Iran made no concessions, Mousawi concluded.