Mousawi: Let’s aspire for a fathomed will of all for dialogue

FEBRUARY 9, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Let us aspire for a fathomed will of all to dialogue, deputy of the House Nawwaf Mousawi stated during the funeral of a slain Hizbullah member at Hmayri Husyniyya mosque in south Lebanon today.

“Let us transfer our differences to the negotiating table rather than fighting it out in the media,” he added.

“Thanks to our party, our community and people’s altering of the equation, the value attached to our belonging to this country could have been nil,” he retorted.

“Party loyalists and Mujahideen are number one citizens deemed qualified to bestow the honour of belonging to this country unto others,” he went on.

“Lebanon is no more a bank or a hotel rather than an abode for the mujahideen and mothers of martyrs; this is the new meaning we attribute to patriotism and, we do not need no one’s testimony,” Mousawi said.

“As we fought Zionist occupation, we shall continue to fight Nusra/ISIL as mere tools in Zionist hands and Israel now after Shebaa farms’ operation, finds itself increasingly deterred by our party,” he said.

“While we do not seek an all-out war with Israel, we opt for a low-key jihad where we can excel and, in the event of Israel attacking us, we shall confront and defeat them as we always did; albeit, the party cares much for the wellbeing of its people,” deputy Mousawi concluded.