Mousawi: Describing my speech as sectarian is a lie

FEBRUARY 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Describing my speech as being religious-sectarian is a lie, Hizbullah deputy Nawwaf Mousawi, stated during the funeral of a slain party member at the Housayniyya mosque in the southern Lebanese locality of Maarakeh today.

As we simultaneously intend to bolster national unity and fight Israel and its Takfeerist tools, certain feeble or sick-minded Lebanese attempt at clothing our party with a garb of confessionalism, he retorted.

The blood we’d spilled coupled with our persistence in demanding the release of prisoners from all parties is not meant solely for the Shias rather than defending Christians, Sunnis and Druze alike, he went on.

As we reiterate calls for dialogue with all forces deemed inimical to Zionism, the understanding reached between Hizbullah and the Aounist Trend testifies amply to this, he added. As we spilled our blood in defense of the fatherland and Umma of believers we won’t be wasting time on petty trivialities thrown at us or, allow them to stop us from attaining our religiously-sanctioned and patriotic duties, MP Mousawi concluded.

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon