Minnyeh meeting wraps up: support the LAF, demand Hezbollah leave Syria

OCTOBER 26, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The meeting held on Sunday in Minnyeh municipality, in presence of MPs Kazem Kheir and Qassem Abdul Aziz along with the region’s dignitaries, ended with a statement announcing full support for the army and demanding Hezbollah’s retreat from the Syrian war.

“The people of Minnyeh will always embrace the LAF in the battle against terrorism, just as they did during Al Bared war,” said the statement read by Kheir.

“The phenomenon of assaulting the army is an alien one to the people of the region,” he added, blaming all events on Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian war.

The statement demanded Hezbollah’s withdrawal from Syria, and ended by calling on the assistance of the Supreme Commission for Relief to repair damages caused by the clashes in Tripoli