Ministers of Information, Culture cleave to cultural resistance against Israel

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Ministers of Information and Culture, namely Ramzi Jreij and Raymond Araiji, on Wednesday highlighted the importance of cultural resistance in the face of the Israeli enemy and terrorism, in line with the military resistance.

“Cultural resistance is efficient and it is a key manner against Israel attempts to erase Arab culture and against normalization bids,” they considered.

Both men made these remarks during the launching of a project of an international campaign on Gaza, at UNESCO Palace, upon the invitation of Assafir newspaper, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture.

State Minister for Parliament Affairs Mohamad Fneish, National News Agency Director Laure Sleiman Saab, and a panel of representatives of media means attended the event.

“I am participating in this event in order to shine light once again in the Israeli crimes and perpetrations against the civilians in Gaza, Palestine, and Lebanon,” Araiji said in a word delivered on the occasion.

“Cultural resistance is a key tool to face Israel,” he maintained.

“We are facing an Israeli enemy in addition to a Takfiri terrorist enemy. They are both trying to endanger our culture,” he added, not failing to mention the military resistance and the need of all capacities to face these enemies.

For his part, Minister Jreij echoed Araiji and said that the cultural resistance was efficient. “It urges the civil society to rebuff normalization.”

He lastly put the capacities of the Ministry of Information, Télé Liban, Radio Lebanon, and NNA in service of this initiative.