MUSCAT: Mikimoto’s unparalleled expertise in designing and creating magnificent cultured pearl jewellery through a new prism of variation is clearly reflected in its latest BRIO necklace.

BRIO is a new and energetic style of necklace that can be arranged in various unprecedented ways. It can be enjoyed in an unlimited number of styles such as doubling it and bringing the clasp to the front, simply wearing it as a seven-layered necklace or hanging it on one shoulder to produce an avant-garde appearance. It is a design which can assume a completely different style depending on your fashion, personality and your taste.

Madhursinh Jesrani, general manager, Khimji’s Watches commented, “The BRIO necklace underscores the enduring legacy of the company’s innovative founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, whose life-long goal was to redefine beauty by pushing the boundaries of exceptional quality and design. That legacy is on prominent display in all of Mikimoto’s pieces that embody an indelible timelessness and elegance. At Khimji’s Watches, we proudly house a repertoire of exceptional cultured pearl jewellery from Mikimoto.”

Mikimoto is the world-renowned Japanese empire founded by Kokichi Mikimoto ‘The Pearl King’ in 1893. Mikimoto cultured pearls are considered to be the most chic and glamorous gems a woman can own. They exude an aura of mystique, intrigue and rare distinction.

From Tokyo to London and New York, Mikimoto’s extraordinary designs continue to enrapture women all over the world.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily