MUSCAT: The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) has praised the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s decision to regulate the import of used cars. In a statement, MECA said, “The issue of import of old cars is a sensitive one.

These cars impact the environment in many ways, which call for curtailing their import. “It’s no secret that engines of some of these cars or other parts must be replaced with new ones. These old parts or engines are then dumped in landfills impacting the environment, particularly soil and water.”

The statement added that some of these cars affect the quality of air. “The sultanate since 2001 has taken measures to protect the environment from vehicular pollution. Pollutants like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide have led to global warming.”

In the statement, the ministry said that old cars are usually gas guzzlers, impacting the environment and threatening the ecosystem. “Thus, the decision by MoCI to regulate the import of old cars is a welcome one in improving the level of air quality. MECA supports all such initiatives to protect the environment.”

The ministry said that many countries have banned the import of cars which are five years or older. “MoCI took the decision after consulting us and other concerned authorities,” it stated.