Mashnouk from Tehran: to have green resistant environment, purge our society from Takfirism campaigns

FEBRUARY 21, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouk praised Iran’s vital development in the environmental field, stressing that the Environment Ministry “keeps its work in Lebanon within the environmental context; however, within the national and international framework, it is confined to cleansing our societies off any Takfirism campaigns.”

Mashnouk’s words came on Saturday morning during the opening of the 14th conference on environment in Tehran which he attended and took part in upon an invitation from the vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Head of the Environment Protection Organization, Masuma Ibtikar.

Mashnouk added that he looks forward for a future free from Takfirism which “attempts to deplete us from our identity and religion.”

“It is the green environment, the green economy on the earth; it is the political environment in resisting all kinds of terrorism. Accordingly, we have this vision of a green resistant environment and a resistant political environment as well, ” Mashnouk said.