March towards ESCWA demands halting massacres against Assyrians

FEBRUARY 28, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY LEBANON) The Eastern Assyrian Church in Lebanon organized Saturday a march towards the ESCWA Building in Beirut’s Central District, in demand of ending the massacres against the Assyrians.

After protestors gathered in front of the ESCWA in downtown Beirut, words were delivered by Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Joseph III Younan; Syriac Orthodox Bishop Daniel Kourieh; Chaldean Bishop Michel Kassarji; Bishop Yatroun Goleana and Sheikh Amer Zeineddine, which stressed on the “rejection of terrorism and all acts targeting the Assyrians.”

In his word, Patriarch Younan said “We are here to remember that we are from the land of Lebanon, and the land of the East, the land of Syria and our Middle East; we have been living, and shall continue to live, as brothers and sisters on this good Earth, which has given the world civilizations, as well as religions.”

Younan thanked all participants in the march, who came to show “sympathy with their brethrens in Assyrian villages, as well as Syriacs and Chaldeans, who have suffered terrorism and violent oppression at the hands of terrorist groups, working against humanity and human conscience.”

Younan expressed solidarity with those oppressed in their homes and villages, promising to join them in the plea against such terrorist groups at all international forums. “We shall raise our voices higher to say enough is enough, for we want to stay on our land, the land of our ancestors, and to live with our brothers from other religions and sects, glorifying the name of the Lord through kindness and brotherhood,” vowed Younan.