March 14 wonders about who takes war or peace decision in Lebanon

JANUARY 29, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) March 14 forces on Thursday wondered about who was entitled to take the decision of war and peace in Lebanon, in the wake of an operation staged by Hezbollah in South Lebanon targeting an Israeli military convoy.

“What happened surpasses the legal debate about whether Hezbollah is entitled to fight inside controversial territories or not, and surpasses the technical talk about the Blue Line. What happened makes the Lebanese wonder about who takes the decision of war and peace in Lebanon,” the forces said in a statement issued following their weekly meeting in Ashrafieh.

“Lebanon cannot be ruled by the balances of forces that are imposed by regional decision-makers and illegitimate weapons. It is rather governed by the law, the Constitution, and the legitimate institutions,” the forces indicated.

“The Lebanese are called to stand in one rank behind their government and to ask it to defend them (…) Hezbollah cannot control our interests and properties as if we do not exist in Lebanon,” they concluded.