March 14 condemns Jabal Mohsen attack, hails state success to end Roumieh mayhem

JANUARY 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) March 14 forces on Wednesday sternly condemned the twin suicide bombing that targeted the region of Jabal Mohsen over the weekend, renewing calls upon the Lebanese authorities to conclusively prevent the exportation and importation of terrorism into and from Syria.

“Developments on the grounds proved that treating the symptoms resulting from the involvement in the Syrian crisis, of any side, (…) cannot put an end to terrorism and its repercussions of the different Lebanese regions unless firm control is imposed along borders and unless Hezbollah and other armed groups are banned from crossing them under any pretense,” the forces said in a statement issued following their weekly meeting at March 14 General Secretariat’s headquarters in Ashrafieh.

In another development, March 14 forces felicitated Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nohad Mashnouq, on the “courageous decision that he took to put an end to chaos at Roumieh prison.”

They also congratulated the Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese army on their professionalism in implementing the political decision.