Makari: No vote for either in event of Aoun/Geagea understanding

FEBRUARY 15, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) There is no commitment on my part, to vote for either in the event of Aoun/Geagea’s reaching an understanding, deputy-Speaker of parliament Farid Makari, disclosed in tomorrow’s edition of al-Liwa’ daily newspaper published by the NNA today.

Makari accused Rafic Hariri’s murderers of blocking and undermining a Lebanese nation-building process albeit, he regarded Saad Hariri’s very presence on the scene as an absolute necessity as he said.

While expressing full support for a Hizbullah-Future Bloc dialogue, Makari stressed need for disarming pro-party militias as a means for defusing tension but warned against continued inter-Christian factional differences as might be obviously exacting an exorbitant price on them all.

Makari concluded on a call for a review of the decision-making mechanism within the cabinet in line with the constitution but accused certain protagonists of grounding the cabinet.

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon