Makari doubts dialogue’s agreement over president

FEBRUARY 7, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Vice Speaker, Farid Makari, told Voice of Lebanon radio on Saturday that he does not expect ongoing dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement to yield an agreement over a president for the republic, as neither presidential hopefuls MP Michel Aoun nor Samir Geagea would compromise for one another.

Makari was sceptical that a new electoral law would be agreed upon while the first presidency remained vacant.

“I hope MPs would get over their fear of losing their parliamentary seats in the future and consider the presidential seat far more important than all others and move on to legislation.” he said.

Commenting on Future-Hezbollah dialogue, Makari said that it had a “low ceiling” and has thus far to go beyond agreement over removing party banners and pictures from Beirut and other regions.

“This does not represent ten percent of the first item in the dialogue,” he stated, adding that the dialogue would also discuss the Resistance Brigades, celebratory shootings during political speeches, and other matters.

“Future Movement and Hezbollah will not reach an agreement over the first presidency, as the former is desperate to accomplish it, and the latter has it as a last item on its agenda and continues to insist on General Aoun.”