Majdalani censures ‘groundless attack’ against Mokbel

FEBRUARY 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Future Parliamentary bloc MP, Atef Majdalani, on Thursday couldn’t help but wonder about the reason behind the “unjustified attack against Deputy Prime Minister, Defence Minister Samir Mokbel, with requests to withdraw his confidence vote under the pretext that he is neglecting his duties towards the military establishment.”

“These accusations are not based on facts and conceal targets that have become clear to everyone,” the lawmaker said in a statement.

“Mokbel is one of the most distinguished ministers in the current government (…) but if someone seeks to attain some personal goals and ambitions, it is not permissible to seek those goals through attacks on officials who are aptly fulfilling all their duties,” he added.

He warned from messing with the military institution by relaying on flimsy pretexts.

“The role of this institution amid this delicate stage of Lebanon’s history is vital for the protection of the people and borders in all directions, and thus any attempt to tamper with this establishment might adversely affect the performance of the army.”