Beheading of Indonesian worker in Saudi

This refers to the report ‘Indonesian worker beheaded in Saudi Arabia’. This year has seen a surge in executions in Saudi. With the execution of the woman domestic worker, the number has already crossed the total recorded last year.

Death penalty is an inhuman act of aggression and goes against the principles of civilised norms. Not much intelligence or common sense is required for a civilised society to understand the psychology of people who have been living under the shadow of death for years.

Following the recent terrorist attacks, Pakistan has lifted the moratorium on death penalty in terror cases. Asian countries top the list in awarding death penalty, of which Pakistan has the highest number of people awaiting execution.

Though the United Nations had called for a worldwide freeze on capital punishment, one of the countries that voted against it was Saudi Arabia.

The UN initiative, which was extensively campaigned by Norway – a country which takes lead role in global peace initiatives, to eliminate capital punishment, must be supported by all member countries.

In the wake of more countries joining hands together against capital punishment, very few individuals may argue and try to defend their bigoted thinking. The hideous offenders should be treated in a different way as their psychology is entirely different.

Even though such initiatives are in place, it is alarming that the number keeps increasing each year.

More than 150 countries worldwide have so far abolished capital punishment.

A larger consensus is needed in order to wipe out a practice that was extensively followed in the primitive age.