Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Tuesday 24/2/2015

FEBRUARY 24, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Two alternatives before consultations to resolve mechanism crisis

Guarantees not to disrupt and March 14 attached

ASSAFIR: Paris heading to compromise that includes presidency, Cabinet, elections and reforms

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Gemayel at Hariri’s Downtown residence…Hariri calls for steadfastness in face of “state’s paralyses project”

Salam warns of vacuum

THE DAILYSTAR: Hariri backs Salam on new mechanism

–Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri Monday implicitly backed premier Tammam Salam’s bid to change the government’s decision-making mechanism, currently at the center of a widening row that has thrown the Cabinet into paralysis and prevented it from meeting for the second consecutive week.

Hariri also warned that the failure to elect a new president would not only affect the presidency seat, but also the country as a whole, while Speaker Nabih Berri decried that the vacuum has now spread to the other branches of power, the Cabinet and Parliament.

U.S. jury orders Palestinians to pay over attacks

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon