Lebanese Newspapers Headlines for Thursday 8/1/2015

JANUARY 8, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) AN-NAHAR: Two compromises for Cabinet beginning of this year, two papers for Aoun, LF dialogue

ASSAFIR: Derbas: Border measures don’t include Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Storm displaces refugees from tents…to tents

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Berri praises implications of Ain el Tineh dialogue on “National Security” .. Geagea supports Aoun’s proposal “Republic first”

“Zina” passed from here: Victims, disaster and darkness

AL-AKHBAR: Geagea meets Aoun in middle of road

THE DAILYSTAR: Split over waste, food safety hangs over Cabinet meeting

—-The Cabinet is scheduled to meet Thursday amid a split among ministers over a widening food safety campaign and waste treatment, a long-simmering key issue hanging over the government for months.

Parliament, meanwhile, failed Wednesday over a lack of quorum to elect a new president in the 17th abortive attempt since April to break the 7-month-old presidential deadlock, prompting Speaker Nabih Berri to postpone the session to Jan. 28.

End in sight for Zina’s deadly rampage

Charlie massacre shocks the world

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon