Khreis/Fayyad: for the Iranian Western nuclear deal

APRIL 5, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Hopefully, the nuclear deal worked out between Iran and the Six, brings about an early election of a new Lebanese president, Amal MP Ali Khreis, stated at the behest of Nabih Berri during a funeral at Jmayjmeh today. Let’s also hope for an early reactivation of inert state organs, as an outcome of the deal, deputy Khreis concluded.

Also taking the word, Hizbullah deputy Ali Fayyad, stated that the agreement sets a civilized example as to how Arab and Muslim nations should conduct themselves in world politics; by signing the deal, Iran proved that the West poses no more as the unilateral overlord in this part of the world. Perceiving in the rise of Islamic Iran a dawning of a new historical phase, Fayyad added that the Iranian suffered so much on account of Arabs and Palestinians while Arab states watched from their back benches.

Fayyad urged Arab states to join the Khomeinist regime in its anti-Israeli, anti-ISIL fight rather than equating Iran with Israel and the Takfeerists.