Kheir: Hezbollah impeding Presidential elections

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Future” bloc member, Deputy Kazem Kheir, on Thursday accused “Hezbollah of hindering the Presidential elections through Iranian dictates.”

The MP stressed that there had been internal division in Lebanon but “the main reason behind disrupting this deadline is foreign intervention which serves as a regional negotiation card.”

The lawmaker said that some political factions had rebuffed Parliament term extension, “but in fact all are en route to extend Parliament’s mandate, as they all know it would be unfeasible to hold parliamentary polls at the time being.”

“It is impossible to hold parliamentary polls in light of the absence of a President,” the MP told “Future” TV, adding that holding parliamentary polls before electing a president would aim at electing a weak head of the republic and consequently bog the nation down in a state of void.

Kheir touched on the visit of “Lebanese forces” Chief Samir Geagea and Deputy Sami Gemayel to Saudi Kingdom, and said “it was a normal visit to hold consultations among all March 14 forces and it has no relation with the extension of the parliament’s term or any other issue.”

Regarding the escalation staged by the relatives of the captured Army servicemen, the MP said, “It is a thorny and tragic issue and it disrupts the country,” showing full sympathy with the families of the kidnapped soldiers.

He stressed that this file should be addressed secretly and not through media outlets.