Khalil from Airport: We launched investigations into banned parcels taken out of warehouses

JANUARY 20, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) As part of his periodic, implicit tours in Beirut Seaport and Rafic Hariri International Airport, Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, on Tuesday afternoon paid a surprise visit to Beirut Airport’s goods depots to validate incoming information about an attempt to get in banned materials in violation of the laws, and manipulation in data and figures.

The Minister himself detected the parcels in warehouses and their content, in a bid to check the extent of their observance of laws.

At the end of the tour, Minister Khalil said: “We received information from the security services- which are following up on the process of exiting goods from Beirut Port- about the existence of ninety nine parcels in need of detection to validate content… As such, we gave orders not to move these goods before my arrival to check on their validity.”

Khalil disclosed that fifty packages out of the ninety nine were taken out after giving orders to refrain from moving them from depots.

“Accordingly, we launched investigations and the Smuggling Combat Apparatuses were tasked to prosecute, seize and re-examine these parcels,” said Khalil, underlining that he is thoroughly following up the issue.

Khalil also revealed new customs procedures, especially with regard to new technologies to be introduced into customs work, in addition to transfers in the ranks of human personnel.

“No cover for any individual or political side,” Khalil stressed, affirming that this matter shall be followed up till the end to determine responsibilities and punish perpetrators.