Khaled Daher: They cutoff parts of my statement, fear for Christians is not from me but from those who confiscate their decision, preventing the election of a President

FEBRUARY 9, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “They cut-off parts of my statement delivered at Al-Nour Square in Tripoli earlier today, when I objected to the elimination of ‘No God but the Lord’ banner,” said Future Bloc Member, MP Khaled Daher, in a press conference held at his Tripoli Residence on Monday, adding that “fear for Christians is not me but rather those who rob them of their decision right; thus, preventing the election of a new President.”

Daher went on to say, “I am a believer in God and His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, in good and evil fate and in the Last Day,” adding that “thank God I was raised by my parents in faith, and taught to respect all religions and to have respect for all Lebanese of all sects.”

“I am ready to apologize, not only to religious authorities, whether Muslim or Christian, but to anyone, if I ever am ever mistaken,” said Daher, adding that “I have been misinterpreted, whereby not all my words were published by certain medias.”

“I do not object to, nor did I ask to remove the Statue of Christ the King, for as I said, we respect the Lord Jesus Christ, just as we respect the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon them,” added Daher, saying that, “I merely questioned the attempt to ignite sectarian feelings by removing the word of Allah.”

“I personally like to deal with the Muslim sincere believer who loves all people and respects the other, just like I love to deal with the sincere Christian believer who respects his faith and his Cross,” he added, stressing that “I did not mean any offense to anyone nor to the Christian symbols.”

Daher went on to warn against “the continued vacuum in Christian presidency, which plays a role in protecting Christians and the Lebanese people.”

“I wish for an active role for Christians in this country, along with their fellow Muslims, to protect the nation and build its future, ” said Daher.