Keyrouz: Dialogue with the Free Patriotic Movement aims to erase past accumulations and reach understanding over Christian and Lebanese headlines

FEBRUARY 22, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Lebanese Forces Party Member, MP Elie Keyrouz, disclosed Sunday that “dialogue with the Free Patriotic Movement aims at eliminating accumulations of the past, and reaching common understanding and compatibility over various Christian and Lebanese headlines.”

Keyrouz’s words came during the Mass ceremony held in the town of Qnat in the Qasa of Bsharre, in commemoration of the Lebanese Forces’ fallen martyrs who lost their lives in the Syrian army’s attack on the town back in February 1980. The Mass was presided over by Father Jack Hanna and attended by LF Party officials and families of the martyrs, as well as a number of dignitaries from the region.

“I stand today among you, in remembrance of those who have gone to heaven, but who have never died, for our martyrs never die but remain the ones pumping momentum in our hearts, and in our hopes, our present and our tomorrow,” said Keyrouz.

“A critical and dangerous stage is confronting Christians and Lebanon, as a whole, for which reason we have resorted to dialogue with the FPM, for the sake of reaching common understandings with regards to Lebanese and Christian issues,” added Keyrouz.

“The absence of presidential elections is part of the insane attempt to absent the State and its institutions, from the presidency to parliament, far-reaching the government,” Keyrouz went on, noting that “this actually points to the negligence of some and their disregard to the importance of electing a new President of the Republic.”

“This is our country, and we want no other within our borders,” stressed Keyrouz, adding that “whoever wishes to participate in the wars of others outside said borders, let him do so alone, for the call to partake in the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq is rejected, since we are followers of no one.”

“We are Lebanese Christians, we took up arms in defense of Lebanon’s sovereignty, and in defense of the Lebanese citizen and freedom,” said Keyrouz, adding that “despite the disappointments and bitterness, we handed over our matters to the State, with the aim for it to have full sovereignty over its territories and institutions, which we had previously lost in wake of the threat on Lebanon when others wanted to transform our society and change our values.”