Kanaan: negotiations with Geagea over rights

FEBRUARY 1, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Negotiations with Geagea would be conducted over the attainment of rights, Secretary-General of the Reform and Change Trend MP Ibrahim Kanaan, informed radio Voice of Lebanon talkshow today.

Having placed the final touches to what he termed “A Declaration of Principles” between the his Trend and Geagea’s Lebanese Forces’ party (LF), Kanaan stressed that the document would be tantamount to a corner stone of action involving both groups during the upcoming stage.

The Declaration of Principles and following exhaustive in-depth study and discussion would be dealing among other things, with the formation of a leading authority, the achievement of mutual rights, reform, and realization of Christian and Muslim ambitions under full sovereignty as he said.

Kanaan disclosed that Aoun instructed Bassil to talk to Hariri representatives over drafting a new electoral law and added that his Trend favours talking straight to the LF rather than counting on a French go-between or staking hopes on further outside developments deemed bearing on inter-Christian relations.

He duly counted out an imminent settlement of the salary scale issue in absence of the drafting of the annual budget and he said. Continued politicians’ indecision aggravated the problem Canaan retorted.

As ISIL became a trans-regional power, Hezbollah’s new rules of engagement made Israel calculate 1000 times before waging war on Lebanon which makes it imperative for army spreading of its authority over all of Lebanon, he stressed.

It is rather impossible to divorce Lebanon from regional conflicts in total absence of nation-building, partnership and the attainment of rights, Canaan concluded.

SOURCE: National news agency – Lebanon