Kanaan from Maarab: Noticeable progress made in FPM, LF dialogue

APRIL 9, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The secretary of the Change and Reform bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan visited Maarab on Thursday where he met for over an hour and a half with the Lebanese Forces party leader Samir Geagea, with talks touching on the latest developments regarding dialogue between the FPM and the LF.

In the wake of the meeting, Kanaan said his visit was to follow up on the main updates regarding the understanding between the two parties and the ‘declaration of intent’ underway.

“It was an important meeting but I prefer to leave the announcement of results to the concerned persons, General Michel Aoun and Dr. Samir Geagea. But what’s certain is that we have made significant progress,” he said, assuring that dialogue is serious and takes into account the concerns and interests of both parties.

He believed that “internal understanding among Lebanese, and especially among Christians, is essential to come up with ‘homemade’ solutions.”