Kahwaji: Army remains cornerstone in rebuilding a strong Lebanon

August 01, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “The Army still remains the cornerstone in the reconstruction of a strong Lebanon,” said Lebanese Army Commander, General Jean Kahwaji, on Saturday.

Speaking during his visit to the Military Academy, where he patronized a tribute ceremony to the late General Fuad Chehab marking the occasion of Army Day, Kahwaji reiterated the late Chehab’s words: “True independence is neither taken nor given, but rather built.”

“We have to acknowledge that the institution built by General Chehab still remains the guarantee for the State,” said Kahwaji, adding that “it is through its reactivation and boosting of its role that the Republic can regain the era of stability and advancement.”

“Our Army is our school of national unity, revived and protected by it,” Kahwaji went on.

“The Army today is still as the late Fouad Chehab wanted it,” stressed Kahwaji, noting that “in spite of all incidents happening in the surrounding region and the invasion of waves of deconstruction and fragmentation, it remains the common uniting factor amongst the Lebanese, and a cornerstone in the rebuilding of a Lebanon of strength, of values, of survival and prosperity.”