Kabbara: Hallucinating Nasrallah transposed conflict into Lebanon

APRIL 18, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Hallucinating Nasrullah, transposed the Yemeni conflict into Lebanon, Future Bloc M.P. Muhammad Tabbara, exclaimed in his reaction to the party chief’s anti-Saudi tirade.

Accusing him of arming gunmen in Tripoli, Akkar and al-Kharroub district, Tripoli deputy Kabbara, hinted that the Saudi-led “Storm of Firmness” would soon blister the face of Sayyed Hasan’s Bashar while he himself wallows in his hallucination in Southern Beirut.

Tabbara noted that certain party members wanted for justice by the S.T.L. have been posted on the first row of Nasrullah’s rally while others from Beirut and Tripoli cry out of pain in the nation’s detention centers as he said.