Kabbara advices officials to stop “persecuting” Tripoli

OCTOBER 23, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Deputy Mohammad Abdel Latif Kabbara said that Tripoli treated all fabrications — whether official, media and civil — which accused the city of being resort to terrorists with a lot of patience, extending a heartily advice to all politicians to “stop persecuting Tripoli.”

Kabbara’s words came during a press conference which he held on Thursday at his office in Tripoli to discuss the latest developments in the city.

“Tripoli is not an incubator to any of your fabrications about it,” Kabbara said, adding that those people have succeeded just in one thing; transferring Tripoli to an angry, resentful environment that rejects all conspiracies weaved against it , whether individually or in public.

Kabbara accused the state of turning its back to the entire economic and social crisis as well as all the security plots that the city has suffered from in an attempt it to isolate it from its surroundings.

“Tripoli still believes in the state and its legislative institutions and will not choose except the state provided that the state’s choice would also be Tripoli,” Kabbara concluded.