Jumblatt visits Ibrahim: Together in pursuing loyalty to Palestine, Freedom cause and Arab people’s development

APRIL 10, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Mohsen Ibrahim is a symbol of the Arab and Palestinian struggle, and together we shall continue our support and loyalty to Palestine, to the cause of liberties and the advancement of the Arab people,” said Progressive Socialist Party Head, MP Walid Jumblatt, following his visit to Socialist Labor Organization Head on Saturday.

The encounter was a chance to dwell on various hour issues of mutual concern, in presence of Deputy Marwan Hamadeh and PSP General Secretary, Zafer Nasser.

“In wake of Kamal Jumblatt’s loss, Mohsen Ibrahim stood by my side during the peak of difficulties and challenges, and I am forever indebted to him in my political life, without excluding others,” said Jumblatt via Twitter after the meeting.

“Today is a beautiful and touching day; today calls to mind, even for fleeting moments, a glorious and bright history,” he added.