Jumblatt: International protection over Lebanon, dialogue ought to continue to ensure stability

APRIL 25, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Democratic Gathering Head, MP Walid Jumblatt, referred Saturday to the existence of an “international protection umbrella over Lebanon,” adding that “dialogue on the internal scene should continue for the sake of preserving and ensuring stability, especially amidst the critical circumstances witnessed in the region.”

Jumblatt’s words came during a luncheon ceremony hosted at his Mokhtara residence in honor of Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Giusseppe Morabito, marking the end of his term of office in Beirut.

Jumblatt praised the role and efforts exerted by the Italian Ambassador throughout his years of service in Lebanon; in addition to the numerous aids provided by his government at various levels.

Jumblatt bestowed upon Morabito the “Kamal Jumblatt Medal” as a token of gratitude and appreciation of his efforts.

In turn, Morabito gracefully thanked Jumblatt, highlighting his “pivotal role in Lebanese politics” and his “well-known and respected figure at the personal level in Italy, for his political expertise, knowledge and culture which have qualified him to play a central role in Lebanon.” He also stressed on “the continuation of relations with the grand national home of al-Mokhtara.”

Attending the ceremony were the Ambassadors of the United States, Russia, Turkey, Germany, China, European Union, Sweden, Argentina, Netherlands, Japan, Algeria, Belgium, Greece and Egypt; in addition to the Apostolic Nuncio Gabriel Katcha and United Nations Representative Sigrid Kaag.

Cabinet Ministers Akram Shehayeb and Wael Abu Faour, as well as Deputies Henry Helou, Nehme Tohme, Ghazi Aridi, Elie Aoun, Alaeddine Terro, and a number of other senior officials were also present at the honoring ceremony.