Jreij: Resumption of institutional work begins with election of President

FEBRUARY 23, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Minister of Information, Ramzi Jreij, on Monday said that the ongoing vacancy in the Lebanese presidency has forced the government to continue its work by adopting mechanisms that hindered the cabinet’s tasks several times.

“The sole means to end this institutional impasse will be by electing a new president as soon as possible so that institutions return to work normally,” the minister added during an interview with the National News Agency (NNA), under the title of “Achievements of ministries in the government of national interest.”

Jreij also indicated that NNA has carried out its work in a remarkable way and that it is the first source of accurately and objectively published information.

The Minister also revealed that he will propose the appointment of a new Board of Directors for Tele Liban since the current board had been appointed by the court.

He mentioned the productive role played by the information minister within the Cabinet.

“As the official spokesman of the government, he notes the minutes of ministerial sessions, announces the decisions of the Cabinet and takes part in the discussion of bills related to Information, including the Information Law — currently being discussed by the Parliamentary Committee for Information and Telecommunications.”

The Information Minister has also worked on a draft law on the right to choose between contractual severance pay and retirement, to be approved in parliament during the next meeting by the joint parliamentary committees, not to mention the establishment of a media city project in Lebanon and that of the abolition of censorship on printed and Foreign-publications which is under discussion.

The minister also listed the projects carried out by the National Agency for Information including archiving 2200000 Photos Lebanon’s history since 1961 until today, the launch of the new page in Spanish, and opening of a new office in Marjeyoun.

As for Radio Lebanon, the Minister explained that the national radio channel would soon cover all the Lebanese territories in collaboration with Tele Liban. He also mentioned the exchange of programs, particularly with French stations.

Jreij also referred to the work of the Research and Publications Center, which publishes monthly reports on the Lebanese press guidelines.

The information minister said that he has formed an advisory committee which works to save Tele Liban archives. He also expressed hope that an agreement would be reached with the Telecom Ministry to help Tele Liban switch to digital broadcasting.

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon