Jreij remembers late journalist Yaman Akhawi

APRIL 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) A ceremony to commemorate the passing away of journalist Yaman al-Akhawi was held on Tuesday at UNESCO Palace, under the auspices and in presence of Minister of Information, Ramzi Jreij.

The event was also attended by MP Farid Makari, Minister of Social Affairs Rashid Derbas, representatives of Ministers of Labor and Interior, Director of the Ministry of Information Hassan Falha, and National News Agency Director Laure Sleiman Saab.

“Yaman al-Akhawi was one of the journalists who had gone, a pioneer of Radio Lebanon, when this radio had a leading role among other Arab radios,” Saab said, praising the late journalist.

“Will we see in the future innovative journalists like those who had gone?” she also wondered.

“We must all work to bring back Radio Lebanon to its golden age, because no matter who numerous radios are, Radio Lebanon is still the mother and the essence,” she underscored.

“Today, while we commemorate the passing away of Yaman al-Akhawi, we must all rise to back the cause, the cause of supporting Radio Lebanon and the public information in Lebanon,” she concluded.

For his part, Minister Jreij indicated that today’s commemoration constituted a recognition of al-Akhawi’s media message.

“She deserved to be honored during her life that was full of devotion (…) she used to seek what was fun and interesting, away from instincts and futile discussions,” he pointed out.

“Today, we are in need of those who are like Yaman al-Akhawi so that media recuperates its prestige,” he concluded.