Jreij fears system collapse in event of continued power void

FEBRUARY 14, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Information Minister Ramzi Jreij stressed the need to elect a new president, noting that issues are not going well in the absence of a president and fearing the collapse of the system if power void continues.

“Those who can decide for the election of a president do not feel the intense need for that; but I fear the collapse of the system in event of continued presidential vacuum,” the minister told “Voice of Lebanon” radio on Saturday.

Jreij wished on the commemoration of late prime minister Rafic Hariri’s assassination tenth anniversary “STL would be able to reach the truth and bring criminals to justice,” noting that late PM Rafic Hariri was an exceptional man who considered that economic and urbanism development are the introduction to consolidate second independence.

He added that late Rafic Hariri was a symbol of the state’s unity and the sovereignty movement which ended occupation after his martyrdom.

Jreij noted that “Future- Hizbollah” dialogue sessions as well as those of “Free Patriotic Movement – Lebanese Forces” might lead to a comprehensive dialogue which would result in the election of a new president.

SOURCE: National News Agency- Lebanon