Jreige convenes with Salam in a show of support

July 24, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Prime Minister Tammam Salam convened at the Grand Serail on Friday with Minister of Information, RamziJreige, who told the press following the meeting that his visit is a show of support for Salam’s decision as well as the mechanism he follows for decision making, particularly during the phase of presidential vacancy.

Jreige described the PM’s approach as one that “provides active participation for all ministerial blocs without leading to hindering or paralyzing the work of the government.”

“The primary prerequisite for this participation is abiding by the national charter as dictated by the national accord documentwhich requires that all constitutional deadlines are respected, and most important of which is the election of a new president.”

The Minister stated that boycotting electoral sessions was a “blow to the participation of Christians” as well as a violation of the Constitution. He went on to explain that some of the prerogatives of the president were transferred to the cabinet in case of presidential vacancy, while others were not. Once these prerogatives were handled by the Cabinet, decisions were reached through voting or consensus.

“Salam has adopted consensus over voting. And on the basis of said consensus, many things were achieved.”

Jreige hoped that Salam would not make a decision to save the prestige of the state and his personal dignity; however, that was pending the actions of the opposing team.