Jisr: Solidarity with Army aborts terrorism

JANUARY 24, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Future” parliamentary bloc member, deputy Samir Jisr, hailed on Saturday the Lebanese Army efforts in combating terrorism all over Lebanese territories, stressing that the Lebanese public solidarity with the Army and security forces helps in aborting terrorism activities.

“A salute to the Army and its soldiers who protect Lebanon from all interior and foreign dangers,” the MP told “Voice of Lebanon” radio, adding that the latest security incidents indicated that Lebanon has entered a stage of confronting terrorism.

Jisr stressed that Lebanon is paying for Hizbullah’s involvement in the Syrian situation, confirming that his bloc has always supported the dissociation policy.

The lawmaker noted that the security forces and the Army have succeeded in fighting terrorism.

Commenting on the death of Saudi King Abdullah, Jisr expressed sorrow over the death of king Abdullah and paid tribute to his soul, praising the late King openness and initiatives to support the poor.

Jisr said that Saudi kingdom has continually offered support to Lebanon throughout the kingdom’s different eras, expecting this policy towards Lebanon to continue during the tenure of the new Saudi king, Salman Bin Abdel Aziz.