By: Faris Al Hashmi

Muscat: The Information Technology Authority (ITA) recently introduced a paperless technology for its HR department, called the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ahmed al Hadhrami, HR director, ITA explained how the technology will make the department 95 per cent paperless.

The PKI enables authentication of personal identity through a PKI-enabled ID card and enables signing of documents electronically. The card just has to be inserted into a slot in the computer for certification.

“Instead of signing manually, we can get all our documents digitally signed and accepted and we can store it in the system.” He said the system is currently being used for a wide range of employment documents from offer letters to job contracts and other agreements that require signature of various parties. Hadhrami said the authority is a catalyst for implementing technology in organisations across Oman and its main purpose is to help other entities learn from its practices. “You need to keep up with the latest technology and use it,” he said.

All ID cards issued from 2013 onwards have a chip developed by ITA in coordination with the ROP. In essence, the chip acts as a form of digital identification, said Hadhrami.

The only hindrance to this technology picking up could be people’s reluctance to adapt, he said. “If the technology is there and we can use it, and we know it’s going to save time, paper and money for us, then why can’t we use it?” He said he hoped the new process would be adopted by other organisations as well in the sultanate. ”

“We at ITA are willing to share as it is our role to help other organisations in the country get closer to such technologies that are not only time-saving but also environment-friendly,” Hadhrami added.