Israeli enemy planes violate the Lebanese airspace in 3 consecutive times

JANUARY 25, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) An Israeli enemy reconnaissance plane breached the Lebanese airspace at 6:45am Sunday over the town of Alma el-Shaeb, circled over the South region, as well as Beirut and its suburbs, and then left at 3:00 pm from above the aforementioned town,” a Lebanese Army Orientation Directorate communiqué indicated.

“Later at 9:10 am, a similar plane violated the national airspace over the town of Kfarkila, circled over the areas of Riyak and Baalbek, and then left at 3:30 pm from over the town of Alma el-Shaeb,” the Army communiqué added.

“Additionally, 2 Israeli warplanes also violated the national airspace at around 3:15 pm above the town of Rmeish, circled over various Lebanese regions, and then left at 4:40 pm from over the coastal side off the town of Naqoura,” the communiqué added.