By: Joseph Benny

MUSCAT: A man impersonating as ROP’s crime investigation department (CID) sleuth, and sometimes as a Muscat Municipality inspector, has raised security concerns in Darsait. Several incidents of a man dressed in a dishdasha knocking on doors of houses demanding to “inspect” utilities, have been reported since Monday.

The ROP has said that patrolling in the area has been upped to zero in on the suspect following the reports. The social media is abuzz with the incidents.

The impersonator is also said to demand money for offences like “keeping fans and refrigerators untidy” or non-compliance with some civic rules.

A Darsait resident said, “The man was dressed in national attire and came to a few houses near Indian school between 11.30am and 3pm.” According to her, he introduced himself as a CID officer to some families and as a Muscat Municipality official to others. He was seemingly targeting non-working women who are home alone in the afternoons.

“He demanded penalty for not keeping household appliances such as fans and refrigerators tidy.” His ‘fine’ ranged from RO50 to RO100, she said. A woman who opened her door to the impersonator said, “He came to our building in Darsait with a thick bunch of utility bills. He demanded to see my bills, and began asking irrelevant questions when I told him all dues had been paid. When I called my son to the door, he went upstairs to another flat.”

Another woman said, “A man came home saying he was from CID. He was taken aback when my mother demanded to see his ID and left on seeing the building owner present there.”

SOURCE: Muscat Daily