Hussein Moussawi: Enemy airstrike in Qoneitra new blatant attack as part of open war

JANUARY 19, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Baalbeck-Hermel Deputy Hussein Moussawi on Monday said that the enemy airstrike yesterday in Qoneitra was a new blatant violation that came within the frame of the open-ended war between the Resistance and the Israeli entity.

Israeli air force targetted yesterday the Golan region of Qoneitra, killing six Hezbollah members.

Speaking during a religious ceremony in Nabi Shit town, the lawmaker welcomed the security plan intended to be implemented in Bekaa.

Moreover, he saw that ISIS and the Zionists shared the same goal, that is to target humans and Muslims in particular.

He added that the Europeans had now started to pay the price of their support for terrorist Takfiri groups.