Hout: to fortify the domestic scene

APRIL 3, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) The purpose of today’s visit to Dar-el-Fatwa (High Islamic Court), is to explore ways for fortifying the domestic scene in the face of looming challenges, Future Bloc deputy Imad al-Hout, reportedly told mufti Abdullateef Deryan today.

While seeking to stress an ever pioneering Dar-el-Fatwa role in domestic politics, Hoot added that all Muslims must rally about the Court. Deputy Hout and the mufti also agreed over an unshakable Lebanese posture within Arab solidarity in the hope that whoever deployed force in pursuit of imposing their will on others, regain placid dialogue and stabilize the region.

With respect to the impact of the Iranian nuclear agreement on electing a new president, Hout concluded that it is rather premature to envisage an early election.