Hout concurs with Geagea’s electoral program

APRIL 4, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Jamaa Islamiah” parliamentary bloc member, MP Imad Hout, said that he praised Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea’s electoral program which he concurs with most of its content, adding that it is unfavorable amid the current circumstances to elect any of the two Christian poles.

“The Christians, not only as political forces but also as citizens, shoulder the responsibility of not electing a new president,” Hout said, pointing out that the presence of a president who is the only Christian president in the region demands a public mobilization.

The MP considered that the “Iranian expansion project has become clear,” adding that this leaves us to take one of two choices either an open military confrontation — which is highly unfavorable– or the Saudi initiative in Yemen changes to a public one that includes more than one country to confront the Iranian project and force Iran to exchange it by a rational one.”

The MP told “Free Lebanon” radio station on Saturday that ISIS has been created to achieve a certain purpose and when that purpose is accomplished it would disappear.

“The interior confrontations and crumbling of the Arab world allow all parties to bully it,” Hout said adding that the danger has become immense to the extent that it has raised awareness which should be well invested.

“We, as Jamaa Islamiah, have succeeded in prohibiting the spread of extremism in Lebanon,” Hout said, adding that all the Lebanese are concerned in this issue and should be united to confront this challenge.”