Hezbollah delegation visits Aoun, renews cleaving to Understanding Document with FPM

FEBRUARY 6, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) A delegation of Hezbollah on Friday visited Free Patriotic Movement leader, MP Michel Aoun, at his Rabieh residence, and renewed clinging to the 2006 Understanding Document between the two sides.

“We put General Aoun in the picture of the ongoing dialogue between Hezbollah and Future Movement. It is a serious and continuous dialogue. But during the sessions, we did not discuss the presidential issue since our position is clear in that respect, as we support General Aoun,” Hezbollah’s official Mahmoud Qomati said following the meeting.

The delegation also comprised Ali Daher and Ghaleb Abu Zeinab.

“We renewed our cleaving to the provisions of the Understanding Document between the FPM and Hezbollah, which is liable to become a dialogue draft among all the Lebanese,” Qomati added.

He indicated that talks also touched on the recent Shebaa operation, whereby conferees agreed on reinforcing the deterrence equation against the enemy.

“Lebanon is better than its neighborhood despite the terrorist attacks,” he concluded, hoping that the developments would contribute to finding a president. “There are positive indicators,” he stressed.