MUSCAT: Students of Harmony Music, Art and Karate Centre have managed to get distinctions in exams conducted recently by the Trinity School of London and ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), at its premises in Oman.

The students belong to the three centres – Wadi Kabir, CBD and Oasis Residences Ghubra. Harmony Music, Art and Karate Centre has been successful as an institute in delivering the accurate knowledge and discipline of music and its different instruments.

At Harmony Centres students can come and learn with certified and experienced teachers, who are dedicated. The centres have the latest and the best instruments by the brands that are well known internationally.

The children have excelled in the following instruments:


Grade 1 – Rebecca Samuel (11yrs), Shreya Tanksale (13yrs), Kharunya Balamurugan (12yrs), F Evan Gryphin (8yrs)

Grade 2 – Siddharth Chaudhari (12yrs), Mcwisha Fernandes (11yrs)


Grade 1 – Nathanel Mathew, Lu Rui Chang, Anamica Verma, Jennifer Joseph (7yrs)

Grade 3 – Ashwin Kumar (10yrs), Adhindra V S (11yrs)

Grade 5 – Reshma Rose Jose

Prep – Marisa Augustine, Anandita Balachander


Grade 1 – Jeremiah Gomez (9yrs)

Grade 3 – Alvin Shaju (15yrs)

Grade 5 – Keertan Surendhra (13yrs)


Grade 1 – Rejath Reji (11yrs)


Grade 2 – Malavika Rajesh, Mahek Porecha, Prajeesha Jitheesh, Adithya Dinesh, Haniel Sudhir

Special Mention – Jenifer Joseph achieved distinction in her first grade piano exam which was conducted by ABRSM, England in the month of November 2014, arranged by Harmony Music Centre.

As per her score, she got first position among Harmony branches in Muscat at the tender age of seven.

At a very young age her parents gave her a small keyboard to play as they noticed her interest. The next thing was enrolling her at the Harmony Centre Wadi Kabir.

At the centre the piano teacher guided her last one year, which resulted in Jenifer receiving the distinction in her exam.

SOURCE: Muscat Daily