Hariri to economic bodies: Dialogue with “Hezbollah” aims to provide political and economic stability

FEBRUARY 21, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Head of the Future Bloc MP Saad Hariri media bureau issued on Saturday the following press release: “Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received yesterday evening at the Center House a delegation from the economic bodies, headed by former Minister Adnan Kassar.

The visit was an occasion to discuss the situation in the country, particularly the security and political issues and their effects on the economic, commercial and touristic activity.

Kassar addressed Premier Hariri by saying: “Your safe return, which was welcomed by all political parties and forces had a positive effect on the country.”

He underlined the importance of Premier Hariri’s commitment to the principle of dialogue “because the country needs communication, dialogue and openness between all Lebanese political components to reinforce our internal arena.”

Kassar pointed out that the economic bodies support the ongoing dialogue between “Future Movement” and “Hezbollah” and also the dialogue between the “Free Patriotic Movement” and the “Lebanese Forces”. He also hoped that all parties in Lebanon would communicate, in order to address the challenges and the security risks facing Lebanon from the Israeli enemy on one hand and the terrorist groups from the other. And this requires moving away from problems that could be exploited by Lebanon’s enemies to spread chaos and sedition.

He also commended the ongoing efforts to end the current vacancy in the presidency, adding “we looked with positivity to your meeting with General Michel Aoun and we hope that these meetings and efforts will lead to an agreement on the name of the new President because the country cannot remain without a president since it would negatively affect the work of the constitutional institutions, particularly the Parliament and the Cabinet whose work is paralyzed.”

Kassar concluded: We reiterate our congratulations for your safe return, hoping your stay in Lebanon will be long this time because the country needs your presence and your efforts to enhance stability.

Premier Hariri

For his part, Premier Hariri welcomed the delegation and said: “We pay utmost attention to the economic situation, but there are significant social and economic challenges facing the country. I understand the difficulties you are facing, and there is a need to find solutions for them. But the political situation impacts on our economic life, and there are new challenges. When we were in power we provided many solutions and prepared plans and studies to facilitate the lives of citizens. But unfortunately these things were not implemented, most importantly the law of partnership between the private and public sectors. We also held several workshops to facilitate the business environment in Lebanon, but this work should be completed. I appreciate the fact that you are the backbone of the country’s economy and the engine of the Lebanese economy, and if you are fine then the Lebanese economy would be healthy. The ongoing contacts and the dialogue with “Hezbollah” aim to provide a minimum level of political and economic stability in the country in order to revive the economy and improve the living standards of the people. We understand the impact of the situation on the economy, and we hope the contacts would lead to the resumption of the Cabinet’s meetings to resolve the pending issues that are of concern to the citizens.”