Hariri rejects calls on Sunnis to defect from Army

OCTOBER 28, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said in a statement on Tuesday that the calls for a Sunni revolution in Lebanon are an attack against the country’s co-existence.

Hariri rejected any attempt to undermine the Lebanese Army, rebuffing calls upon Sunnis to defect from the LAF and join armed groups inside and outside Lebanon.

“These calls are suspicious plots to tamper with the Lebanese co-existence formula and replace it with ministates based on sectarianism,” he said, assuring that they will not achieve results in northern areas of Akkar, Minyeh, Dinnieh and the Bekaa which all provide a solid base for the military institution.

Hariri said that violence moving from one region to the other was a sample of the repercussions of the Syrian war.

Hariri accused Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad of exerting massive media and political efforts to involve Lebanon in the conflict so as to form a Lebanese sectarian balance in the Syrian war that would justify Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian conflict.

In light of the latest threats, Hariri urged Lebanese leaders of all sects, and Sunnis in particular, to start national dialogue to agree on a new president.

Hariri also urged for an integrated security strategy led by the Lebanese Army and the security forces to address the impacts of the Syria war on Lebanon.

He solicited all “partners” in Lebanon to put the country’s interests above all considerations and to put aside the interest of the Syrian regime or other external parties.

“Lebanon must disengage from the civil war destroying Syria,” the former Prime Minister said.