Harb: Council of Ministers seriously handling security issues

JANUARY 16, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Telecommunications Minister, Boutros Harb, hailed on Friday the way by which the Council of Ministers has been seriously handling the security situation, away from the media limelight.

“At the beginning of each cabinet session, Ministers display a comprehensive review on all the security developments. This is what Interior Minister Nouhad Mashnouk did in yesterday’s cabinet session. He briefed the cabinet on measures being taken to control the entry of Syrian refugees to Lebanon. He has also briefed Ministers on the raid operation of Roumieh prison and on the security plan to be adopted in different Lebanese regions,” Harb said in praise of the cabinet’s relentless endeavors to restore calm and security at the internal scene.

As for Hezbollah’s attachment to its nomination of MP Michel Aoun as the sole presidential candidate, Harb said that that was very normal; especially that Hezbollah has not been looking for any alternative candidates.

“This signifies that the atmosphere of dialogue has not reached its much-aspired outcome,” Harb added, ruling out the possibility of reaching agreement over Aoun becoming president.