Harb: A shameful bogged down situation

FEBRUARY 9, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) It’s rather shameful for this bogged down situation, Telecommunications’ minister Boutros Harb stated on St. Maroun’s Birthday.

The sight of a vacant presidency on St. Maroun’s day grieves me so much particularly that certain Maronites undertook to inflict so much harm on Lebanon, he exclaimed. Their chopping off Lebanon’s figurehead utterly demoralized Christians and threw them into a predicament of total political disarray he said.

Addressing the actual Christian predicament necessitates an urgent reevaluation rather than just anticipate outside intervention to do what we’re supposed to do; the present dilemma duly craves a head-on confrontation, Harb retorted.

Harb disclosed his intention to intensify contacts with other Maronite leaders in a bid to break the present deadlock by restoring what he termed “Maronites standing, liberty and basic rights.” Then and only then, could we enjoy the happy return of St. Maroun’s Birthday.” He added.

I heartily thank Tamam Salam and House Speaker Nabih Berri for heeding Beirut Maronite Metropolitan bishop Boulos Matar’s invitation to attend the service, he concluded.