Hajjar: Saudi Kingdom keen on Lebanon

APRIL 21, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) “Future” bloc member, Deputy Mohamad Hajjar, stressed on Tuesday that “Saudi Kingdom is keen on Lebanon’s stability and security and is working hard to exit Lebanon from the ongoing impasse amid the developments in the region.”

The MP thanked the Kingdom for supporting Lebanon and the Army through the kingdom’s continuous donations.

On another note, the Deputy asked Iran to halt intervening in the region’s internal affairs, adding “in case it failed to do so then we will confront the Iranian projects in the region.”

Responding to a question regarding the presidential vacuum, he said that the purpose of dialogue between Hezbollah and Future was to ease tension on the street and to pave the way to reach to the election of a new president.

“We had a chance to achieve this deadline alone as Lebanese but due to Hezbolllah and the Iranian decision this deadlines became a regional card on the negotiation table,” the lawmaker concluded.