Hajjar: Lebanon endures difficult times thanks to Hizbullah

APRIL 11, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Lebanon endures difficult times thanks to Hizbullah’s arrest of the presidency, Future Bloc deputy, Muhammad Hajjar, told Hariri supporters assembled at Barjaluna playground in Barja today.

Eulogizing a passed away local activist, deputy Hajjar charged Hizbullah with emptying Lebanon off its content in the interest of a grand Persian imperial project; Hizbullah and Iran strive at breaking up all Arab countries from within in order to render them part and parcel of the Iranian imperial scheme so as to dominate 4 Arab capitals as a top revolutionary guard recently said, the deputy added.

Facing up to Iran’s arrogance, the Saudi-led Storm of Firmness is prone to stop the Iranian project in its tracks, he went on to say. Deputy Hajjar wished to allay his listeners’ worries when he described the nuclear deal worked out between Iran and the Six as fairly ambiguous in that it would never materialize at the expense of the valiant Arab nations.

As we find ourselves ready to coexist in sound neighborly relations with Iran, we shall stand up to Hizbullah’s slandering of the Saudis who bolstered our army all the way, he retorted. By attacking Saudi Arabia, Hizbullah added one further conflictual point and widened the gulf between us, Hajjar concluded.